Nine Tenths of What?

by adam.bettison 29. April 2010 04:49
Possession is nine-tenths of the law, a saying that came to mind today. I had a confrontation with a new tenant to be's parent, who wanted to pay his son's move-in costs by personal cheque. I refused the cheque of course, as once I hand over keys that cheque could bounce but the tenant would be in the house. After a bit of to and fro the father paid by credit card, and appeared relieved when the APPROVED came through on the card machine. All smiles at the end of the day, tenant got the keys and we got cleared funds for the owner. As I often remind my property managers, the easiest eviction they will ever do is to decline an application. Once those little blighters get into the house, they can be awful hard to get out.


Leased Three Properties Today

by adam.bettison 29. April 2010 04:40
Three properties leased today, in Lockridge, Morley and Medina. As with the sales market, lower-end properties remain in strongest demand, with $350 being the magic number, either in $350 per week rent or $350,000 sale price. Still the demand is not uniform and some of our lower-priced rentals and sale properties remain almost inexplicably on the market.


Rental applications roll in

by adam.bettison 28. April 2010 04:24
The rental applications from last weekend's viewings came in thick and fast today - the rental market is definitely picking up. As I checked through the piles of paper, I noticed a pet peeve - mobile phone numbers listed for references on rental applications.  A mobile contact is fairly useless for reference verification and any property manager who relies on them is not doing their job properly. You must obtain a landline and/or address to allow verification that you are speaking to a real person. Mobile phone numbers can be anybody, and often are.


Rental home opens went well

by adam.bettison 27. April 2010 02:42
Our home opens went well yesterday at rental properties in Beechboro, Balga, Lockridge, Medina, Kingsley, Maylands and Girrawheen. The day's property manager reports attendance from 1 to 8 groups at the viewings. I cautiously say that the rental market has turned the corner and vacancy rates will start dropping soon. O...f course the fundamentals of immigration and low building are favourable, the question is when?


Housesmart Real Estate New Website

by Administrator 8. April 2010 17:55

HouseSmart Real Estate is pleased to annouce the launch of their new website.

"We have put a lot of thought into developing a site which is both informative and easy to use,' said HouseSmart Principal Adam Bettison.

On the new site, clients will find a wide range of properties for sale and for rent as well as useful information for buyers and sellers as well as landlords and those looking for a rental property.


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