First-home Buyers: Major Players in Property Market

by joy.manginsay 11. April 2012 19:13

According to a Nationwide Poll of Mortgage Brokers, “First time buyers are expected to be the major players in the property market this year.” 36% of respondents, out of 252 market poll expected first home buyers dominate the housing market in 2012.

According to Loan Market Chief Operating Officer Dean Rushton, “Our brokers are divided on which consumer group will dominate 2012, but the majority thinks first home buyers will be the most active.” Interest rate cuts last Fourth quarter of 2011 helped home buyers to emerge from their hibernation.

First-home buyers flash up the market

by joy.manginsay 20. January 2012 19:14

First home-buyers and trade buyers are keeping residential property active and it shows that they have continuing to rise in the market. According to a survey, most active sector in Australian home finance market in 20125 is expected to be the first home buyers. The data shows that 36% expect the first home buyers to dominate and penetrate the housing finance market and it started to anticipate an increase this year.

According to Commonwealth Bank Economist Michael Workman says, “The interest rate cuts and the FHOG scheme have had quite strong impact on lending. The steep declines (in housing loans) are over.” Because of the first home-buyers, there will be another growing market force with the home-buyers investment properties as their entry point to the property market.

The Return of Home Buyers to the Market

by Joy Manginsay 14. December 2011 18:50

First home buyers have been hiding these past years because of the unstable status of property market. Based on the early results released home buyers are back in the market to help the initials signs of market recovery. It shows that the oversupply of homes may lessen and we are moving now in the right direction towards market boosting.

According to REIWA President David Airey explains, “First home buyers activity has been very strong, the level of discounting by buyers has flattened out and rental yields for investors to improve.” The estimated 28% of sales activity is very important because it was from the homebuyers. They key factors to increase homebuyers in the market are plenty of stocks, falling house prices and stable interest rate. REIWA expects that stringer signs of economy will emerge by nest year and the supply and demand reach a better balance.

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