More Renters than Buyers

by joy.manginsay 20. November 2012 19:50

According to Census figures show an increasing number of people choosing to be tenants instead of owners. It means it is good to invest property for those people who are looking for a home to rent. It is advantage also for the investors because many people cannot afford to buy a house and rental market will become more tighten. I think it will drive the housing market to become more stable and more competitive. This is the good start for next year’s recovery.

Better to Buy than to Rent

by joy.manginsay 23. October 2012 18:59

Based on the Latest Genworth Homebuyer Confidence index,  “which measures sentiment among those who own or are thinking of buying a property, rose 2.1 index points to 98.4 points in September.” Basically, Australia’s homebuyers believe now, this is the time to buy a home and it shows confidence in property market. Interest Rate cuts influenced why home owners and buyers are more confident now in the property market. However, property market will never become stagnant and house prices may increase also. I think, increasing confident about property market, fair house prices and reasonable interest rate may be the real factors that property market is improving. Anyhow, this is a good time to invest or to buy a home.

More confidence, more homebuyers to Invest

by joy.manginsay 2. October 2012 21:07


Is this the right time to buy or invest? Was the interest rate cuts helped the property market? These are some of the questions that need an answer. More confidence from homebuyers shows property market is improving.

Based on the latest Genworth Homebuyer Confidence Index, “ which measures sentiment among those who own or are thinking of buying a property, rose index points in September”. According to the survey, I think this is a good time to buy a house or invest a property. The index looks good because it really respond the interest rate cut. Many are expecting another interest rate cut maybe in November, so probably the homebuyer’s confidence will increase more.



Consistent Growth for Property Market

by joy.manginsay 1. June 2012 17:31

According to Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA), “There was a 24% jump in the number of properties sold across metropolitan Perth in the past nine weeks when compared with the same period last year.” We all know that investors are returning to Perth Property market and there was an increase in the number of inquiries from investors. There’s balance equilibrium in a property market because prices goes down and rentals goes up. High rental encourages more to homebuyers to buy than to rent a house.

According to President David Airey, “the number of rental properties has rebounded to 2507 after dropping to just 2105 in March-another sign that investors and first homebuyers were active.” I think there was a modest growth last March and there was growing confidence in property market. Therefore, property market has pretty returned to normal and improving.

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Interest Rate affects Housing Affordability

by joy.manginsay 19. March 2012 17:26

Last March 7, 2012, Real estate Institute of Australia’s (REIA) December quarter, Deposit Power Housing Affordability Report has recorded improvement in housing affordability in 2011. Homebuyers are entered in the market but nowadays potential homebuyers are dropping because of the economic uncertainty and interest rate rise. Is the Interest rates affects housing affordability? Is the key factor why buyers are scared off to purchase?

According to Deposit Power’s National Manager, Keith Levy, “Interest rates have a big impact on affordability for existing homeowners and can also be major deterrent for those looking to enter for the first time.”  In a positive side of the picture, first home buyers have experienced a small  increase and are returning to the market in which consumers’ confidence will be back and hoping that there will be changes to improved affordability. Interest rate cuts really help in growing confidence in property market.

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Cheap Packages for First Homebuyers

by joy.manginsay 5. January 2012 18:03

According to Nigel Satterley, Boss of Satterley Property group, “He believed the new packages at “pre-boom” prices would provide a much-needed boost to the state’s struggling real estate market.” “It’s my belief that the west Australian residential property market is rattling along the bottom of the cycle-the median price house bottomed out, he added. First home buyers struggling to get into the property market so with Satterley Property Group and leading building companies set to offer the first time buyers for cheap house and land package in the state. The purpose of the state’s building industry is to support a major campaign with 17 state’s building heavyweights who joined forces to offer this package as low as $272,000. Because of this project, they believe to help stimulate the home building industry and give people the opportunity to secure a house in an affordable prices.

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