Australia home prices rebound in June

by joy.manginsay 2. July 2014 23:14

Last May, home prices had fallen by 1.9% but June showed house prices a 1.4% increase. Across all the capital cities in June, Australian home prices rebounded and recouping the decline last May. The latest home value data shows prices rebounded in June but appear to be part their biggest gains.


According to RP Data’s Research Director Tim Lawless, “Even though that leaves capital city prices up 10.1% for the financial year. He thinks the biggest gains are now past, especially in Australia’s two biggest markets.” Sydney and Melbourne boosted the biggest gains in June but home auction remained firm. Houses growth trend seems to moderate and more sustainable level. Interest low rates and home construction are possible factors that support the economy.


Perth Metropolitan: Quickest Selling

by joy.manginsay 1. July 2014 18:20

In Western Australia Economy, the fundamental factor that makes this city become competitive is mining, agriculture and industrial development. These can make encourage and attract investors and migrants to invest money. In all Western Australia Perth metropolitan areas have been revealed as the quickest-selling in the country.


According to a New Analysis revealing the fastest-selling markets in the country, “Houses are being snapped up most quickly in Western Australia and South Wales.” Perth’s Bassendean is the fastest growing council in the country and most active market for units. Gosnells, Cannington, Victoria Park and Belmont made into the top 5 also as the fastest selling Perth suburbs. Even the prices in Perth are rising, but still maintain the pressure in the property market. It keeps promoting and building new house that contribute the growth and development of the areas.

Will House Prices fall?

by joy.manginsay 23. June 2014 18:27

According to Morgan Stanley in the Sydney Morning Herald, “Without further interest rate cuts the current housing cycle is in danger of gradually fading.”  House prices have suffered because of the low interest rate and drop of consumer confidence. But we cannot conclude yet because some of seasonal factors may play a huge role in order to rebalance the market. Although, housing market conditions have softened last May & June but we can see some signs that housing market is approaching the growth cycle. Will housing become affordable? F it will continue to fall, many will suffer and we won’t allow that to happen. Many factors will help the housing market to boom.


Will Perth house prices continue to surge?

by joy.manginsay 26. May 2014 18:05

According to the RP Data – Rismark measure of house values, “It is showing values in Perth down 1.4% this month.” Based on the report that Perth house prices continue to fall because of the interest rate on hold. The investor activity is still rising and consumer confidence is increasing.


According to AMP Capital Chief Economist Shane Oliver, “It may be too early to talk about rate cuts but an extended period without any change was increasingly likely.” Interest rate may change some time and it will affect the flows of housing market. Behind the surge in home prices, rents are continuing to fall.


Will the property prices keep rising?

by joy.manginsay 28. April 2014 17:40

Based on the RBA report, “Stronger activity in the housing market, particularly by investors, can be a signal of speculative demand, which can exacerbate property price cycles and encourage unrealistic expectations of future housing price growth among property purchases.”


Nowadays, interest rates are at record low and it is competing for banks. The house prices will not continue to rise forever because lots of factors may change although, interest rate remains on hold. Economists are trying to lift the Australian dollar lower which dwells the market more competitive. Migrants and foreign investors are dwelling up the property prices. We need to maintain the consumer confidence high and definitely the banking system continued to perform strong. House prices may grow or become affordable when unrealistic expectations come.


Median House Price heap up

by joy.manginsay 9. April 2014 18:28

According to the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, “Perth’s Median house price climbed to $550,000 in March 2014, up from $ 546, 000 in December 2013. REIWA’s figures also showed the market had cooled in the March quarter, with Institute President David Airey describing the last three months as “choppy.”


Because of the low interest rates, housing market is accumulating. Perth is one of the cities perform well. Housing market continues to rise because of the affordability and provide positive activity. Perth housing market continues to record solid and the best performer. Joondalup and Wanneroo lead the heads up.

A surprise pause in House price growth

by joy.manginsay 21. March 2014 18:23

There are a lot of factors driven in house price growth. The economy, rising demand, scarcity and confidence are factors that influence the property market. Is the house price a good start to pause?


According to RP Data Head if Research Tim Lawless, “ The likelihood is that the weak reading for February is an adjustment from the strong readings in December & January, rather than the beginning of a flat to negative growth phase across the macro level housing market.” Pause in house price is not a bad thing; instead this is the adjustment of property market. All factors work together in reaching the market peak.


More Positive Outlook for Australian Market

by joy.manginsay 13. March 2014 18:16

Reserve Bank has decided to leave the interest rates on hold again this month. Through thus, lower interest rates influence the housing market to rise. But it provides positive indication of housing activity. It is a sign to have optimistic outlook of Australian Economy. Most of the 8 capital cities perform well and Sydney remains the best among all capital cities.


Perth housing market remains solid and still strong property market. Western Australia has a highest market of first home-buyers which really helps the activity. More houses in the market, regaining confidence and strong property market are signs of recovery.

House Price continues to increase

by joy.manginsay 11. February 2014 18:20

Many are anticipated that house prices in 201 is continue to increase. If the economy expands, then probably renters will prompt to move on to their own houses. Most of the properties that are listed are higher compared with previous years. Most of the capital cities are starting higher prices especially last January.


According to SQM figures nationally stock n market came to 342,157 properties, a monthly increase of 1.3%. The only suburb which has affordable price is located in Perth. Sydney and Melbourne were dropping compared last year. Will the housing market bubble? Will it continue to slow down?


Perth on track for House Prices

by joy.manginsay 4. February 2014 18:08

Many are expected to have a better residential market. This year turns the property market boom. Perth is the one of the best performer city and has a good economy. We have low interest rate at the moment and house prices rise. Will it continue this year? Or it will get broader?

According to the QBE Lender’s Mortgage Insurance QBE ImiHousing Outlook report researched by BIS Shrapnel, “Price growth of 20% is forecast for Perth and price growth of 19% is forecast for Sydney by 2014.” Perth house prices estimated to rise by 20% because of the accelerated investment driven by the mining investments. The housing recovery is now about to enter. Due to the shortage of accommodation, many are forced up to rent that makes house prices raise.  The Perth median house price is $470,000 to $565,000 and it will accumulate to 20% increase. But then, property market will stay stronger and have optimistic outlook that it will performs well.


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