Will Perth continues to have high demand property market?

by joy.manginsay 26. June 2014 18:22

When the demand is high and the supply is low, the price is high. But when the demand is low and the supply is high, the price is low.” In this saying, Perth property market boost because the house prices is high because of the higher demand of property. Mining is the number one factor why the demand is very high in this city. But nowadays, mining slowly down which the housing market affected. Will Perth property market continues to slump?

According the Leasing Agent Annette O’Brien-Oxley, “It was the middle tier of the market that was most affected. We’ve seen a remarkable drop off in demand, so the rents have had to reduce.”  Mining sector slowed down in Perth, so demand is low also that’s why rent vacancies increases. But still, WA have few properties including Perth are available that put pressure to increase the demand.


Leasing Agent Annette O’Brien-Oxley said, “A number of them will fully furnished and equipped, so again there will be a big supply and we have to see where the demand is.”


The Impact of Mining Boom in Australia

by joy.manginsay 20. September 2012 21:49

WA is known for mining in the world. Would it be the reason for having a good economy? Is mining boom helps economy to rise?

According to the Structural Change and the Rise of Asia Conference in Canberra, RBA Assistant Governor Christopher Kent, “the boom had been generally advantageous in Australia.” We all know that mining boom helps the economy to rise. Mining also is one of so many resources that have been progress for so many years. WA has increase it's immigration growth because of this resources. Many investors invested property because of mining boom.


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Perth Opportunities in Real Estate Increase

by joy.manginsay 16. January 2012 19:26

Perth is the largest City in the state of Western Australia and has a steady flow of mining activities in the state and many investors are buying up an office space or a house in the city. Over the past 12 years, Perth become more challenging for sellers to sell their home and have seen record prices to 2-3 times return on the value of their investment.

According to Imran Mohiuddin, head of Colliers International in WA, “Our mining, banking and financial sectors are capably run and the legal infrastructures, technology, quality management and transparency of laws and business make Australian a very easy place to do business.” Over 2011, over $880 million were exchanged in office real estate and this is a big plus for Western Australia compared with the rest if the Western World. Because of the good news, forecasters expect home values in Perth suburb to rise in 2012 and most of the values in Perth suburb to rise in 2012 and most of the Australian future look bright and competing.

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