NAB: Industrial replaced Hotel CBD

by joy.manginsay 5. March 2014 18:39

National Australia Bank’s (NAB) Commercial Property Survey released last February 26, 2014. It is stated that overall impact still overall negative. The retail property has positive outlook and it boasted opportunities. If the market could see increased activity in the coming months, definitely, this would be the driver to encourage more investors. But rental and capital expectations were generally lower in all. Indeed, overall sentiment, Industrial is now the strongest and predicted to continue for 1- 2 years. Industrials sector replaced the Hotel CBD last Commercial Survey.  This sector expects to continue to become stronger and have higher incentives.

Commercial Property Survey Summary _Dec 2013_ (1).pdf (356.77 kb)


NAB: Which sector lead the Market?

by joy.manginsay 14. November 2013 17:58

The National Australia Bank released the Commercial Property Survey yesterday, November 13, 2013, Commercial property market lead the market. It improved and it shows the stronger capital returns but retail property growth become modest.

Based on the survey, the strongest is the CBD hotels and it expected to rise over two years. It found that hotel driven the business travelers. Indeed, Economists are still optimistic for the improvement of the business over the coming years.

Commercial Property Survey Summary _September 2013_.pdf (457.31 kb)


Has the Economy Weakened?

by joy.manginsay 16. July 2013 18:36

National Australian bank released a survey last July 2013, the survey showed that Australian are less optimistic about the recovery of economy because homebuyer’s confidence lessen that makes the economy weakens.

Home prices are expected to rise in the coming months.  Rent will probably increase across the country for the coming months as well. The survey showed also that consumer confidence was a little change and the record low on the benchmark rate. But Australian still have hope and still optimistic that by the end of the year, it will goes normal and become strong economy.


Consistent Confidence in December Quarter: NAB

by joy.manginsay 2. February 2012 18:17


According to National Australia Bank (NAB) Residential Property Index, consistent confidence in Property market still strengthening a little last December. Even though house prices declines and stronger rental growth, but still business conditions remain consistent with the market growing. The two consecutive interest rate cut had a great impact in the December quarter. National house price continued to fall but rental growth is accelerating. Among the conditions in all capital cities, WA is the strongest mainland conditions recovered but Queensland and Victoria were the poor conditions recovered. First home-buyers and investors are notable increase in the market in which the property remains strong because of the higher demand; therefore there were the best prospects for capital and rental growth.

NAB forecasts that there will have bigger increase in the house price and rental growth in which really helps the market and the economy as well to perform well. Some indications showed in this survey like labor market, shortage of housing, and unemployment rate is low. Although we now expect that there will be interest rate cut this year particularly February and August. Trends will continue because of the first home buyer by slightly stronger investment dema


Residential Property Survey _December 2011_.pdf (194.86 kb)



by Joy Manginsay 22. October 2011 19:22

According to the latest quarterly report by CommSec, “Western Australia leads the nation in overall economic growth and is strong in retail spending, construction work and population growth. WA is clearly the nation’s strongest economy, underpinned by Asian demand for mining resources”. Because of the rapid expansion in the resources sector has put WA “head and shoulders above” and WA has the lowest unemployment rate.

Western Australian’s Economy is judged as the strongest in the nation because of the continued strength in the mining and engineering sectors, soft job market, and WA has done everything to secure the best-performing state. There is still hope with the state should grow and more developed, more benefited in coming months particularly in high population and firm home lending. It is the start that all business will grow and more people will visit and stay in WA to make the Property market rise.

Rent expectations for office and residential markets

by Joy Manginsay 21. October 2011 18:30

In the world of challenging economic times, capital value and rental expectations for offices were back down in all states. According to National Australia Bank (NAB), rental incentive are still seen as key feature of the office property leasing market in all states bar WA. Rental incentives are now identified as “significant” in all commercial property markets. NAB forecast, by September 2013, all commercial property sectors are expected to record positive rental growth. September 2011 was reported as the weaker condition in the market and industrial property was the only sector that reported strong condition. “Positive growth is set to resume   next year with expectations for capital values and rents over the next 1-2 years strongest in WA and Victoria, NAB said. There is a hope for the local retail sector; WA will lead the nations in terms of rental expectations.

In the residential sector, even though the property market moved back, many are eager to become reliant on public housing. However, according to Professor Gavin Wood, Director of the RMIT Research Centre of the Australia Housing and Urban Research Institute “Australia has a healthy private rental market. The relative ease to renting in Australia might also be a factor in the low mortgage default rates. People sell up before it gets to that point. In housing house prices, we may establishing an income-tested housing allowance that could go to struggling home owners as well as renters, and abolishing subsidies for first-home buyers.


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by Joy Manginsay 20. October 2011 19:25

The National Australia Bank (NAB) survey for September 2011 period provides very interesting milieu. NAB “Quarterly Australian Commercial Property Survey” reveals that retail property vacancy rates rose to 5.5% in the September 2011 quarter. Vacancy rates for office and industrial assets fell to 6.9% and 5.8% respectively. Hotel property was the best commercial property sector during the quarter. According to a leading property survey, Victoria is now a powerhouse of the nation’s commercial property sector within two years and it is expected to be overtaken by Victoria as the strongest market by September 2013.

Despite a softening in the pace of recovery, there are signs that vacancy rates will fall over the coming two years. The industrial market is expected to have strong recovery in 2012 and NAB Industrial Property forecast to increase +38 by September 2012 and +53 by September 2013 which sees it as one of the strongest performers. The report said “Western Australia continues to be identified as the strongest market. WA is expected to significantly out perform the other states and the national average, with prices rising by 3.4%, while Victoria is the  only state expected to record negative price grow (-2.1%)." House prices in WA have rising slightly with improving conditions expected to lift the local values.The report is optimistic with strong impact on global markets.

Commercial Property Survey _September 2011_.pdf (475.03 kb)


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