Median House Price heap up

by joy.manginsay 9. April 2014 18:28

According to the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, “Perth’s Median house price climbed to $550,000 in March 2014, up from $ 546, 000 in December 2013. REIWA’s figures also showed the market had cooled in the March quarter, with Institute President David Airey describing the last three months as “choppy.”


Because of the low interest rates, housing market is accumulating. Perth is one of the cities perform well. Housing market continues to rise because of the affordability and provide positive activity. Perth housing market continues to record solid and the best performer. Joondalup and Wanneroo lead the heads up.

More Positive Outlook for Australian Market

by joy.manginsay 13. March 2014 18:16

Reserve Bank has decided to leave the interest rates on hold again this month. Through thus, lower interest rates influence the housing market to rise. But it provides positive indication of housing activity. It is a sign to have optimistic outlook of Australian Economy. Most of the 8 capital cities perform well and Sydney remains the best among all capital cities.


Perth housing market remains solid and still strong property market. Western Australia has a highest market of first home-buyers which really helps the activity. More houses in the market, regaining confidence and strong property market are signs of recovery.

Perth: Continue to be Positive

by joy.manginsay 26. February 2014 17:59

According to the latest Analysis from Fitch Ratings, “Australia’s National house price increase of 9.8% in the 12 months to December 2013 has been driven by house price growth in the key cities of Sydney, Perth & Melbourne.” Perth is one of the major cities led the price growth in Australia. Perth house prices were up 9.9%. It will expect to continue the growth till 2014 and to become more positive. Interest rate remains unchanged and this is the driver for the affordability pressure. Despite of the slower rate last 2013, we are still optimistic to have a better and competitive market.


Will 2014 see more growth in Perth?

by joy.manginsay 24. February 2014 18:15

According to Angie Zigomanis of BIS Shrapnel, “Demand has increased across the board, with growth in lending to first home buyers, up graders, and investors. Prices rises have also been broad-based, being highest in the middle and outer Perth.” We all know that Perth’s property market seems to be mixed views because of the slowing and changing. Many factors affect the property market but still we have market strengths to consider also. The demand and supply issue is one factor that affects property market. The population growth keeps increasing in which puts pressure on property market. Overall, I think there is slow but steady growth. We should be interpreted as positive for the market generally because we have more reasons to remain optimistic.

Perth: Most Affordable Suburb

by joy.manginsay 7. February 2014 18:54

The Westpac suburb snapshot, developed in partnership with RP Data has revealed the most affordbale suburbs. Is this the right time to ivnest and buy a house?

The following are the most affordable suburbs:

1: Median with median value of $277,476

2: Orelia with median value of $198,860

3: Glendalough with median value of $447,745

Nowadays, house prices increase because of the low interest rate and have high demand of housing supply. We found in Perth suburbs the most affordable houses. The most affordable is Medina and the most expensive is in Peppermint Grove. through this, iut helps investors and buyers to identify the insights to live in.


Perth on track for House Prices

by joy.manginsay 4. February 2014 18:08

Many are expected to have a better residential market. This year turns the property market boom. Perth is the one of the best performer city and has a good economy. We have low interest rate at the moment and house prices rise. Will it continue this year? Or it will get broader?

According to the QBE Lender’s Mortgage Insurance QBE ImiHousing Outlook report researched by BIS Shrapnel, “Price growth of 20% is forecast for Perth and price growth of 19% is forecast for Sydney by 2014.” Perth house prices estimated to rise by 20% because of the accelerated investment driven by the mining investments. The housing recovery is now about to enter. Due to the shortage of accommodation, many are forced up to rent that makes house prices raise.  The Perth median house price is $470,000 to $565,000 and it will accumulate to 20% increase. But then, property market will stay stronger and have optimistic outlook that it will performs well.


Perth in 2014: Still Strong in Property Market

by joy.manginsay 10. January 2014 17:59

Perth Property Market was top performer last 2013. Because of the low interest rate and high consumer confidence, Perth property market was performed well. Will it continue to set the record this 2014?

According to RP Data Research Analyst Cameron Kusher, “Perth property market would enter 2014 with strong momentum. House price rises, broader economy and mining investors are the key factors why still Perth property market becomes stronger every year. We anticipated also the rental become flat.  Probably, many investors would preferably invest properties in buying property for rent.

Perth Property market in 2014

by joy.manginsay 2. January 2014 18:07

According to a report by Australia property Monitors (APM), “Perth is expected to see a 5 to 7 percent rise in property prices next year.” Despite of the low level of property market last September, Perth still going to continue rising. Although, Perth property market experienced the flattening but we have so many factors that dwells the strength of local economy. House median prices reach at $535,000. Consumer confidence is increasing and still we have forecasted to have a positive market. Having a low interest rates at the moment really helps the market to grow. Perth still remains the strongest performances next year 2014 among the capital cities.

Will 2014 have strong market?

by joy.manginsay 23. December 2013 17:54

Perth carried momentum for this year and it predicts to more affordable on 2014. Interest rate will be possibly up with unemployment rate still in moderate. This is the year for recovery and property market will determine to recover by the second half of 2014.

According to RP Data Research Analyst Cameron Kusher, “The market will enter 2014 with strong momentum. For record, we have low interest rates and consumer confidence is accelerating.  These are the key drivers to return home-buyers back on the market. Perth predicted will be the strongest in 2014 which labor force is accelerating and unemployment is in moderate status.



Perth: A highly Profitable Suburb

by joy.manginsay 20. December 2013 17:56

Around Australia, Perth is the provider with opportunities for investors and migrants. This year, Perth have relatively affordable and offer a reasonable rent. Perth is the most successful suburb for property investment and homebuyers are more active compared with the other suburbs.

According to the RP Data Records, “It reveals the Perth’s most profitable suburbs for 2013” Pilbara town of Oslow recorded the highest average gain for houses. Based on the RP Data figures, across Perth, it rose by 8.9% in the most profitable suburb. The market is more stabilize and home buyers perform well in buying and selling property.


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