Perth housing market heads the right direction

by joy.manginsay 19. March 2013 18:07

According to Western Australia’s Land authority, “confidence in the property market continues to strengthen with figures showing an increase in activity for the month of February,” It shows that homebuyers are back to the market and more active buyers. There will be ongoing pressure with the housing market due to continue population growth that helps state’s healthy economy become boom. The market looks like to continue to strengthen and the market is expected to become normal.

Higher Confidence shows a better Property Market

by joy.manginsay 27. February 2013 17:51

Last year, Australian Housing Market was unstable because of the poor consumer confidence. In addition with this, we had interest rate and property market bottomed up. Will consumer confidence returning this 2013?

According to the Property Council-ANZ Property Industry Confidence survey, “Property and Construction Professionals throughout Australia are confident about the WA market for the March 2013 quarter.” Based on the index, confidence jumped last February up to 7.2% and it might influence property price growth and possible interest rate cut. Indeed, property market is recovering and improving that makes property professionals are back in the market. Positive indicator encourages buyers to invest and this is a good sign to buy a property in Perth.

Will we expect a better Property Market?

by joy.manginsay 30. January 2013 18:05

Based on the report of Australian Property Monitors, Perth market is set for a strong year from record immigration, housing shortages, and steeply rising rents. Perth also is one of the world’s strongest economies. Basically, the report tells the truth because Perth leads the nation because of having the highest growth in median house prices. Rent increases which driven renters into buying market.  We had a good end last year because overall markets have stepped forward into recovery and till now, the trend is continuing especially in Perth. Analysts expected that we have a good property market this year and homebuyers will more active in the middle of this year.

Perth leads in 2013

by joy.manginsay 18. January 2013 18:32

Perth is one of the beneficiaries of the mining investment. It is said also that Perth is one of the strongest state in WA. Will Perth continue to compete with other state?

According to the forecast of Fairfax-owned Australian Property Monitors (APM), “Perth tipping property prices to rise by between 5%-7% over the year, with a similar outlook for the smaller Darwin market.” APM forecasted prices rise to 3%-5% this year in some capital cities. Perth has so many resources that lead the property market recovery. It is the only state that has the tightest rental market in Australia because of the mining sector and so many migrants. Perth really performs well and have the capacity to compete.


4%-6% increase in Perth Property Market

by joy.manginsay 15. January 2013 18:17

According to Rod Cornish, Real Estate Strategist at Macquarie Capital,”Better affordability in Sydney and Perth should result in property price growth of between 4%-6% in these key capital city markets.” Perth property prices ended last year with a very good market that’s why we have a good start for this year. We had twice cash rate cut last year and it shows affordability and it influence the prices to jump in. But we still need to observe for the property market because it is not stable and we don’t really know what would be the impact of affordability.

A Higher Bond in 2013

by joy.manginsay 14. January 2013 19:59


Investors are likely to have investment bond because it provide benefits and produce long term capital growth and generate long term return. But what are those factors triggers them to have bond increase?

According to Westpac Senior Market Strategist Damien McColough, “They moved higher on Friday night as investors took advantage of lower prices following the recent sell-off.” We are all observed that property market has a good start for this year because of the demand. Lots of opportunities are coming back in the market nowadays. Bonds are allocated for the numbers of assets bonds will normally change when the asset value is change also. Do you think that bond increase this year is useful for everybody?


Another Spring in Perth's Property Market

by joy.manginsay 7. September 2012 20:30

We all know that Perth Property market was soften and after the sluggish market, is this the time for the best spring in Perth? I think this is the time to move and invest.

According to Australia Property Monitors Senior Economist Andrew Wilson, “Perth property prices rose 1.7% in the first six months of this year and we’d expect that to continue and that sort of momentum to build on through the remaining of this year.” The property market is driven by the strong investor activity and makes the market more competitive.   People are focus on affordable home because cost of living really influences investors/buyers to invest properties. Because of the competition, house prices may increase and demand also influence housing price.

More Confidence in Perth Housing Market

by joy.manginsay 24. August 2012 18:06

Nowadays, residents are choosing to rent rather than to buy. Demand for rental property grows high because of the new migrants. Does increasing of rental property demand really influenced house price?

According to Australian Property Monitors Andrew Wilson, “there are signs the market is recovering and greater buyer confidence is also set to increase in momentum.” There was a modest increase in house price and I think it will continue to rise these coming years. In Perth housing market, there is confidence in it even a little more because median house price now is $536,000 and it certainly increased prices.


Perth Housing Market: Swinging Back

by joy.manginsay 15. August 2012 20:01

According to REIWA President David Airey, “In Perth, both house and unit sale are up around 5% for the quarter but this has been moderated by softer regional activity during this period, with house sales down an estimated 12% and the small, multi-residential market down by 15%. “ The Perth housing market is swinging back in the favor of sellers and house sales in Perth are up by 15% in 2011-2012.In residential sales are up to 5% but still it cannot reach the average term maybe because of the weak investor activity. Housing market shows signs of improvement and buyers have more confidence now to enter the market. In Perth rental market, vacancy rate goes up that puts pressure on prices but volatility has gone, indeed buyers are more confident and prices are become stable.


Worth Watching in Perth: Property Market

by joy.manginsay 16. July 2012 18:39

According to one of the industry’s most prominent National analysts, “Perth’s awakening property market will make it the city to watch in Australia this year.”

Research Director at RP Data, Tim Lawless said, “Perth is going to be the market to watch this year and all the indicators are looking positive.  We’re actually seeing some evidence that the market is turning around.

These two statements mentioned-above are some of the indicators that prove that Perth Property Market will heading up. Perth was the only city that properties were selling faster and transaction volumes were rising. Retail buyers and investors were returning to the Perth market and boosting number of property sales really helps Perth Property Market. Rental growth in Perth is quite strong and I think there were improvements in all indicators evidence that Perth Property Market is performing well.


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