Will 2014 see more growth in Perth?

by joy.manginsay 24. February 2014 18:15

According to Angie Zigomanis of BIS Shrapnel, “Demand has increased across the board, with growth in lending to first home buyers, up graders, and investors. Prices rises have also been broad-based, being highest in the middle and outer Perth.” We all know that Perth’s property market seems to be mixed views because of the slowing and changing. Many factors affect the property market but still we have market strengths to consider also. The demand and supply issue is one factor that affects property market. The population growth keeps increasing in which puts pressure on property market. Overall, I think there is slow but steady growth. We should be interpreted as positive for the market generally because we have more reasons to remain optimistic.


Perth in 2014: Still Strong in Property Market

by joy.manginsay 10. January 2014 17:59

Perth Property Market was top performer last 2013. Because of the low interest rate and high consumer confidence, Perth property market was performed well. Will it continue to set the record this 2014?

According to RP Data Research Analyst Cameron Kusher, “Perth property market would enter 2014 with strong momentum. House price rises, broader economy and mining investors are the key factors why still Perth property market becomes stronger every year. We anticipated also the rental become flat.  Probably, many investors would preferably invest properties in buying property for rent.


Perth Property market in 2014

by joy.manginsay 2. January 2014 18:07

According to a report by Australia property Monitors (APM), “Perth is expected to see a 5 to 7 percent rise in property prices next year.” Despite of the low level of property market last September, Perth still going to continue rising. Although, Perth property market experienced the flattening but we have so many factors that dwells the strength of local economy. House median prices reach at $535,000. Consumer confidence is increasing and still we have forecasted to have a positive market. Having a low interest rates at the moment really helps the market to grow. Perth still remains the strongest performances next year 2014 among the capital cities.


Perth hits the record

by joy.manginsay 3. December 2013 17:35

Perth’s property market was slowing down for past months. But this quarter, Perth’s median house price hits the $525,000. Will it help the property market? Will rental market remains reasonable an affordable?

According to Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) President David Airey, “Sales turnover lifted during October and November, following a slump in September and surpassing the June peak of &525,000.”The first homebuyer activity is still very evident and the market overall continues to recover. Rental market is growing and median rent left in $470 in house and $450 in units and apartments. Property market will be ended in recovering stage and definitely it will have a good start next year.


Will Perth continue optimism in Perth Market?

by joy.manginsay 2. December 2013 18:19

Western Australia’s population is growing steadily and population growth grows continuously. Housing industry in Perth will need to build the number of houses in the near future.

According to Emma Chalmers, head of residential sales at CKD Galbraith’s Perth Office, “Whilst the improvement is ongoing, we are seeing excellent levels of activity and real optimism and willingness from buyers and sellers to complete a deal whenever possible.” The housing sector is growing and interest rates remain low and it makes the market place boom. We need to meet the demand for both home building and resources sector. We need to effort in housing industry to handle the growing demand. By this, property market becomes competitive and sustainable.


Perth’s Property Market Recover

by joy.manginsay 8. November 2013 22:03

According to Emma Chalmers, Head of residential Sales at CKD Galbraith’s Perth Office, “Confidence started to return to the Perthshire market during 2012 and this year’s continued activity has really cemented the recovery within the region.” This year the Perth property market shows strong growth which driven by stronger population growth. Western Australia Economy is continuing to grow strongly even the consumer confidence remains slow. Perth’s property market is expected to grow next year and at the moment, it performs well.


Perth: Best among the Rest

by joy.manginsay 18. July 2013 18:19

Among all the states, Perth has the solid property price growth. Even the mining boom ending into not good result but that is not the hindrance to make Perth become one of a kind state. The Perth house market has shown prices picking up speed.

A new survey today shows, “Despite of increasing and tough economy, Perth still the negative results and struggling to compete the market but never fail to stop the Perth’s property market reclaiming its mantle as the nation’s best.” Perth house prices forecast that it will continue to rise and have the best value for the coming years. This is more challenging environment to all of us because on how to handle the businesses to become profitable and to improve the economic condition.


The Unexpected Rebound in Property Market

by joy.manginsay 8. July 2013 19:50

According to RP Data Research Director Tim Lawless, “The capital gains recorded over the financial year highlight that lower mortgage rates are staring to have a positive impact on the housing market.” The capital values of capital cities are increasing last month of June led by Sydney and Melbourne. The property values was regaining last June by 3.8% financial year up. Among all the capital cities, Perth is one of the capital cities that remain the strongest performing capital city in property market. The confidence levels is still remains high, interest rate still in hold, low rate of unemployment still remain, these are factors that triggers the trend to a bit higher. Indeed, property market is going strong and ongoing recovery in dwelling values.


A Better Property Market Activity

by joy.manginsay 18. April 2013 17:47

Confidence is very important for the property marker o encourage investors and the industry to perform better. Nowadays, the latest survey shows confidence is very strong that really helps the market to become more competitive.

According to Property Council of Australia Chief Operating Officer Ken Morrison, “There is a feeling would-be buyers are returning to the market after a tough couple of years.” We cannot deny the fact, that confidence has risen and the real estate agents are feeling good because of the business trend. We see some factors that driven the said confidence namely are the following: house prices increase, low interest rate and have population increase. In line with this, agents and business sectors believes that investors and homebuyers are returning to the market. Despite of the ups and downs, but still we are still very optimistic perspective about property market.



Perth housing market heads the right direction

by joy.manginsay 19. March 2013 18:07

According to Western Australia’s Land authority, “confidence in the property market continues to strengthen with figures showing an increase in activity for the month of February,” It shows that homebuyers are back to the market and more active buyers. There will be ongoing pressure with the housing market due to continue population growth that helps state’s healthy economy become boom. The market looks like to continue to strengthen and the market is expected to become normal.


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