Lower Interest Rate What people need

by Joy Manginsay 22. November 2011 18:03

According to RBA Assistant Governor Guy Debelle, “If people mean lower Interest Rates-which I think is mostly what some people have in mind, then the mortgage rates are about where we want them to be otherwise we’d do something that.” Many people concerned about Interest rates because reduction of Interest will have a positive effect for homeowners and the competitive community. Most of the Australians spend their money in their mortgage payable, so this scenario demand for money fall and unemployment begins to rise. A Senior Reserve Bank of Australia official has signalled that the central bank is comfortable with the current level of Interest and Mr. Debelle also stated that central bank does see the need for greater competition if the goal is to lower Interest Rates. Despite of the unstable rates, we still continue to moving in the right direction and having commitment to provide competitive market in order to keep our economy growing strongly.

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