Is WA Commercial Property under threat?

by Joy Manginsay 1. November 2011 18:54

Australia is expected to remain the most active property investment market in Asia Pacific and reign atop as the Nation’s Commercial Property Market. Australia commercial properties have 10% total annualized return because of low unemployment and healthy economy. According to NAB’s Commercial Property Index, WA identifies as the strongest commercial market nationwide across office, industrial and retail segment, and the only state with positive index reading.” However, based on the recent NAB’s survey, it is a big threat for WA because it is expected to be overtaken by Victoria as the strongest market. WA is the current the best performing states market in terms of industrial but the outlook is strongest in Victoria. Industrial sector makes biggest improvement as expected but office property will expected remains the strongest performing overall and the retail is the weakest. Is commercial property in WA remains stable? I believe that there is hope that WA will still lead the nation in terms of rate expectations over the coming years. And still struggling that commercial property will rise from bad to one as the strongest sector in commercial property market.

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