Rent Growth For Perth

by Joy Manginsay 31. October 2011 19:08

Perth rents have shown price growth over the last quarter. Perth home buyers and renters are lacking confidence to buy and get into the property market. Last September, renters suffered the mid-year rent rise and many vendors withdrew properties from sale to rent them out instead. The rent increase was surprisingly increased across the entire metropolitan area. Based on the REIWA,  there was a 6% jump in new rental leases over 3rd Quarter of this year, 20% fall for the strength of demand has the properties available for lease. According to REIWA President David Airey, “the falling stock level has seen the preliminary vacancy rate drop by 0.6 of a percent from 3.4 percent in the June quarter to 2.8 percent in the September quarter. WA property market, after every low, there is always high. Keep our sights set on a better time in the future and stay focused in investing in the real estate market.



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