Does Perth market still the strongest?

by joy.manginsay 5. June 2013 18:03

Based on the RP Data Rismark daily index tracked higher from late April to the 10th of May and then went into a consistent decline over the remainder of the month.” Housing market conditions is consistently going better and because of the strong confidence, it merges to become a stronger one. But despite of the merging of those factors, Perth property market fall through May because of the falling of the interest rates. Anyhow, the market will be returning it’s normal conditions and a strong state economy.

Perth Set For A Rebound in Property Market

by Administrator 26. November 2011 18:48

The Perth Property market is set to rebound in 2011 and its recovery is coming on its way with Interest rates flattening now, buyers inquiries are increasing while rental vacancies falling, rents are increasing and investors are coming back because holiday season is approaching. According to Australian Property Monitors said, “The prospects for a return to price growth through 2011 however are excellent with Western expected to experience one of the largest resources boom in its history.” Good news for homeowners that Perth Property Market pick up strongly in 2011 as the latest mining boom and Perth is likely to see a strong price growth increase. Perth now is experiencing the highest growth in median house prices of all Australian capitals in 2011 and was forecasted that Perth having and increase 7% growth. Now is the time to look between the property and the one we wish to purchase will start to widen again to make also the market grow again.

November update on Perth Property Market

by Joy Manginsay 10. November 2011 20:13

Based on the REIWA real fact report that the number of properties on the Perth property market has increased slightly. On the first week of November, the Perth sales 1,179 sales per week compared to 900 sales per week from the month of October. The strength of demand in properties available for lease falls by 20% despite of the additional stock flowing into the rental market. According to REIWA President David Airey, "Both the overall median house and multi-residential rents increased by $10 per week for the quarter taking the median houe rent to $400 per week and the median unit rent to $380 per week." I think that predictions of an increase in Perth rent looks to be coming for increasing in buyer demand and it would help the interest rate and economy stay stable. Investors expect a significant increase on Property market next year with price growth.


Equity levels in Perth Property Market

by Administrator 19. October 2011 18:29

Despite of the Property prices dropping recently the figure sales volume has increased 1% in September which is good inflow for property market. A new report reveals WA’s property recession has caused a spike in the number of homes falling onto negative equity with about one in 20 now worth less than their purchase price. The RP Data annual equity Report shows, Perth has the second highest number of homes with negative equity (4.9%) all over Australia and is home to five of the 10 regions with the highest rates in the country.

However, based on the official Landgate figures, Perth Property market recorded its first positive sign that things were moving up in August with 28% increase in sales compared to the month before. Even though Perth has negative equity but still it is a good sign for the Perth property market because there is still plenty of equity out there. This is a reminder to invest for a long term because in the long run with negative equity will fade out as the market improves.

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