Indestructible Property Market

by joy.manginsay 7. November 2014 23:05

For previous weeks, Perth property market has been experiencing downturn. Sales turnover for house has dropped and rents are falling. But despite of the negative results, Perth remains strong and fierce.

Based on the released date, Perth rental yields are outperforming the national average.


The RP Data shows that Perth’s average rental yield is now at 4.7% for units and 4.1% for houses. Despite the gloom, there is a positive outlook for Perth market. When the economic growth is maintained, a better transition for mining and energy resources, when the investors’ confidence will continue to superb, therefore property market remains indestructible.


Perth Market Fairly Unchanged

by joy.manginsay 10. October 2014 18:31

According to Glen Stevens, Governor of the RBA, “In Australia, the most recent survey data indicate gradually improving business conditions and some recovery in household sentiment after a weaker period around mid-year, suggesting moderate growth in the economy is occurring.”

Last September, RBA leaves the cash rate unchanged by 2.5% which really affect the home buying activity. Perth’s market remains fair because of the steady growth in median house price. September sales increased by 1% which was fair with regards to real estate sales whilst median rent has remained steady at $450 per week. Perth region remains strong and have potential in profitably opportunity because of the consistent population growth. This is one of so many factors why Perth remains solid despite of market softening. Low interest rates and increase of demand for residential homes is making investors and homebuyers to see the Perth region as a place where can strengthen the long-term investment.


Perth Market continues to Soften

by joy.manginsay 29. August 2014 18:13

According to data from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA), “House prices in Perth have dropped further since the end of June.” Based on the REIWA’s Statistics for the three months to July show Perth’s median house price down a further 0.2% to around $540,000.


Despite of the decrease in median price last July, the rental remains firm and remains unchanged at $450 per week. It showed also that Perth’s median house price had dropped last June. House prices are generally higher compared with the precious months. By this result, it shows weaker market and softens the median. Typically, the rent per week for a house is $460 and $435 for unit, apartment and Villa. But the rent dropped by $10, In Western Part, we saw some areas of market tightening even the housing market experiencing a huge increase in rental listing.


Perth Market: Rental and Sales Softens?

by joy.manginsay 14. August 2013 20:04

According to REIWA, “There has been a 1% fall in the June quarter median house price over the period from May to July. The current median house price now sits at around $520,000.” Because of the small markets and has been a general  softening in sales in April, July sales showed a fall also even those expensive westerns suburbs fall in the overall median.  Median rents in Perth at the moment are stable at $480 for the house and $455 for a unit, apartment and a villa. Therefore, market conclusion for July, Home sales soften but rental market relaxes, based on the data given from REIWA. It really helps to homebuyers to find affordable homes.


Strong Demand in Perth driven rents to soar

by joy.manginsay 22. May 2013 16:45

Based on the SQM Research, Perth house rents rose 22.5% and units by 17.1% in the last year. Mining boom drives rents to record high and Perth rent is more expensive than Sydney.


According to APM Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Wilson, “The ‘extraordinary rises’ were caused by a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workforce that can afford to bid up the price of housing well beyond what locals could afford.


Population growth is one of so many factors that driven the house rent. Due to have boost economy, we are experiencing two speed rental market. Both house rent and house prices are increasing. We will expect that if the mining boom in Perth will continue growing, population grow will increase also. Therefore there will be a huge possibility to continue the rent to soar high.



Perth Rent continue to rise

by joy.manginsay 16. April 2013 17:56

According to Real estate Institute of WA (REIWA), “Perth rentals have continued to rise with overall median rent jump of almost 12% on the same time last year to $470 per week.” During March quarter, Perth’s median rent has risen to 4.4% and the median rent for house stands at $480 and at $450 per week for unit. The modest increase in demand for rental across Perth was being freed-up by first home buyers who want to have their own home. REIWA data also shows that many people were heading to outer suburbs to secure more affordable accommodation.

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Instigating of falling Perth Rent

by joy.manginsay 7. February 2013 19:52

According to the Real estate Institute of WA (REIWA), “the median rent for unit, apartments, villas and townhouses fell to $420 a week during the December quarter.” December data would be the beginning data for the year and really affects of what happening on the market. The data shows that Perth rent in units and apartments dropped by $10 per week but rent in houses continued to rise to $10 per week.

Despite of all, REIWA found out that state’s rental vacancy rate lifted by 1.8% to 1.9%. Nowadays, house prices and rents are increasing but units and apartments fell. Will March quarter is the period to recover? Would rent will become flat or continue to fall?

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Perth: Will rent increase or steady?

by joy.manginsay 1. February 2013 18:08

Based on the REIWA report last year, Perth’s rental market shown signs of easing the Perth’s rental market for the 4th quarter last year. Would it be a start to have an increase of rent in Perth?

According to REIWA President David Airey, “The data show that while the median rent for a house lifted by $10 to $460 per week, the median rent for strata dwelling such as units, apartments, villas and townhouses fell by $10 to 4420 per week.” Vacancy rate is still tightened but overall median rent has remained stable. Despite he modest drop in price for units and apartments, we need to instill out mind that we still have hope to cope up on March which is the strongest period in rental activity.


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Is Perth Market Softened?

by Joy Manginsay 29. November 2011 18:12

Perth’s suffering market is ready for a long-overdue recovery and the big news coming of Perth is the much awaited 20 year transport plan. Easy means of transportation is he major factor in the minds of tenants and buyers when they sell or buy a house. Because of this news, Perth property investing community will be keenly eyeing up the plan’s progress for tomorrow’s hot spots. The Public Transport Plan 2013 report, it will encourage housing development along the route. The sense of permanence of light rail provides certainty and encouragement for developers to move towards more consolidated higher density along the route”.

According to Michael Veletti, Director of CB Richard Ellis, “The market has certainty softened, but we suspect lot of that is related to buyers staying out of the market due to uncertainty about a number of issues: a “double rip’ global recession, interest rates, he election and the ructions over the mining tax.” Because of this, there is pent-up demand and the buyers will start coming out to invest.  The law of supply and demand plays big role in the main market and the volatility of house price in market appears soft. It really helps to attracts the cash flow investor.

Perth Rent Increasing

by Joy Manginsay 23. November 2011 18:00

“Rent in Perth has increased by as much as 18% in just three months in some areas”, according to some real estate industry. Many renters will not move out of home because rent is overpriced and unaffordable. The minimal supply of houses in Perth CBD led to the average rent climbing and most renters give an offer to $20-30 above the asking price to secure a property. According to WA readers claim they are being forced to live in suboptimal properties, and pay for the privilege. Readers claim it is a house renter’s market, can charge overpriced with any mediocre made to their properties and people will pay it.

According to REIWA President David Airey said, “Prices would only get higher as more people flooded into the city because new homes were being built at a far slower pace”. The vacancy rate was critically fallen to 3% and a shortfall of available rental properties. Right now, strong demand for rental properties is increasing and the pressure is coming from new arrivals in WA for employment. But still, Perth Rent will remain soft for coming months because WA needs more opportunity and a price decrease for sure. However, a window of opportunity was opening now and it would last over the Christmas period before the most competitive time of year.

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