Will Housing Market peaks affordable?

by joy.manginsay 22. April 2014 17:47

Australian Housing is providing early signs to have a solid and strong growth. But the market performances are remains typically mixed, and prices growth swinging. Would the interest rates show a great impact in house price? Reserved Bank decided to leave the interest rate on hold and shows a sign of improvement.


According to Senior Research Analysts at property information provide RP Data in Brisbane, “Higher levels of affordability have been purely based on the fact that interest rates are low.” First home buyers purchasing now need to be accounting for the fact that they’re going to start rising.” Expectations remain that the housing market will continue to survive. Most of the big cities show strong performances in solid housing market activity. All the market is emerging positive factor in market survival.


NAB: House Prices Strengthened

by joy.manginsay 17. April 2014 17:58

Last Wednesday, April 16, 2014, National Australian Bank (NAB) released a Residential survey which revealed that the first quarter have brought biggest inflow in buyer activity. It shows that foreign buyers are the driver in having strong buying activity last March. The foreign buyer’s activity was noted active in Queensland especially in NSW but softened in WA. The outlook for the house price will continue the upward growth nationally. The NAB survey indicates positive house price expectations in all states except in Vitoria. In order to stabilize the property prices, we need to sustain the population growth, unemployment and high foreign buying activity. By sustaining all those factors, it will put the housing market stronger.


Residential Property Survey _March 2014_ (1) (1).pdf (140.90 kb)


House Sales transaction Increases

by joy.manginsay 16. April 2014 18:01

According to figures from the RP data in the three months to January, “Sydney recorded the highest number of property sales with 22,005 properties changing a hand, that’s about 240 properties a day.” It is good news for us because many properties were sole despite of up swinging market. It shows that almost all states are showing increase in house sales. Sydney leads the increase with 21% and followed by Brisbane. Perth was 9,717 property sales for the three months. All capital cities shows optimistic result and have seen the higher number of properties compared last month. The figures revealed that we have strong market compared last 2013.


Residential listing likely to increase

by joy.manginsay 11. April 2014 18:38

In all capital cities in Australia, house prices increased by March. March quarter dwells values to rise. Housing market shows substantial increase. If these activities continue, we will have a strong pace of sustaining the growth.


According to the SQM Research, “National Stock on market was up by 1.8% during the month.” March proved that we had a better market and had many properties listed compared with the previous months. It shows that market level will lead to become strong and sustainable.


Median House Price heap up

by joy.manginsay 9. April 2014 18:28

According to the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, “Perth’s Median house price climbed to $550,000 in March 2014, up from $ 546, 000 in December 2013. REIWA’s figures also showed the market had cooled in the March quarter, with Institute President David Airey describing the last three months as “choppy.”


Because of the low interest rates, housing market is accumulating. Perth is one of the cities perform well. Housing market continues to rise because of the affordability and provide positive activity. Perth housing market continues to record solid and the best performer. Joondalup and Wanneroo lead the heads up.


Perth: Balance Market Still

by joy.manginsay 7. April 2014 17:43

In Perth Metropolitan, Sales last February was increasing. The sales returned for the level after the seasonal dip lat quarter. Last February, it was reported that listings for properties increased. Would March quarter give a better picture of Perth Housing Market?


According to the Latest Commonwealth Bank – RP Data Home Buyers Index, “Perth has been declared a “balanced” market.” It shows that housing market is reasonably balanced. Despite of the negative impact and the up swinging condition, Perth market remains balanced. We have more properties vacancy rate had lifted but still market is balanced between supply and demand.



Perth: 2014 Housing Market still Solid

by joy.manginsay 1. April 2014 22:08

Based on the Australian Capital City Housing Market Report; by APM Senior Economist Dr. Andrew Wilson, “Housing markets continue to rise with lower rates.” Housing market swinging because property auction still strong, But despite of negative feedback, Housing market continues to provide positive indication.


Historically, interest rate plays a big role in the economy. Reserve Bank leaves the interest rates on hold. Despite of the sluggish economy, Perth housing market can be expected to record solid because of the home buyers’ performances. Since Western Australia has the highest market of home buyers and have resources boom.


Will Australian economy continue to boost?

by joy.manginsay 28. March 2014 17:55

Should we worry the Economy? Market conditions were to further house prices gains. Interest rate is on hold which is low. The current pace of growth is likely to hit.


According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), “gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth through 2013 is 2.8%, in seasonally adjusted terms.” It shows that Australia’s economy grew and expected to rise. Domestic final demand rise by 0.1% which is good to experience. Australia’s economy was about to embark on the mining investment boom which boost the Australian income. In order to have strongly rising income, we need to have strong employment growth.


How consumer confidence affects the market?

by joy.manginsay 26. March 2014 18:06

Consumer confidence is one of economic indicators. It measures the optimism of the consumers to the economy. Housing market depends on the consumer confidence. When economy expands, typically consumer confidence increases. Will consumer confidence performs well to the market?

According to RP Data research Director Tim Lawless, “A drop in consumer confidence could put a dampener on the housing market, which had shown strong improvements since the start of the year.”For the previous month, consumer confidence had fallen and purchases decrease. The market is slightly pessimistic because of the unemployment. When consumer confidence is high, consumers will purchase/invest more houses that lead to have an optimistic market.



Is Australian housing still affordable?

by joy.manginsay 24. March 2014 18:19

In just a glance, we see that housing might seem affordable because of the interest rate on hold. Will the home price growth continue in major cities?


According to CommSec Chief Economist Craig James, “Home prices are about four time’s household disposable income.”  It shown that Australian homes are still affordable and unchanged from a decade ago. It is very clear that the reason why housing is affordable is because of record low rates. It strengthening the weak wages and offset the higher repayments. And now we are benefiting the low interest rate.


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