Housing Affordability Key Issue for Perth's Future

by Joy Manginsay 16. November 2011 22:15

A statement attributed to the Committee for Perth said, “ with predictions of $300 billion being invested into WA’s resources sectors in coming years and acknowledgement that the metropolitan population is likely to grow to 3.5 million by the middle of this century, Perth will be the  national testing ground for how it tackles the issue of providing adequate and affordable housing”. The fact that Perth is “boom town Perth” promises a good life for many and the research shows that 90% of real estate was currently out of reach for key and essential workers providers of everyday services such as retail and trade people like hairdressers and butchers. Perth is now clearly above the threshold of severe housing unaffordability. Despite of this report, a lot of people still want to live in Australia and to have their own block. Providing adequate and affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges of Australian Government in order that Perth housing market will have unlimited availability.

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