HouseSmart Real Estate is a growing company and we are often looking for new staff.
We are a family owned and operated business and have a good team environment.
The normal career pathway is receptionist => assistant property manager => complete registration course => registered assistant property manager => property manager => senior property manager or sales.
Systems that you will work with on a daily basis include:

  • Console (Australia’s best property management system – ) – if you have previously used REST that is a similar product and I am sure you will pick up Console quickly.
  • Inspect Real Estate (the market leading viewing, sales and key tracking application – )
  • Maintenance Manager (cutting edge web based management of contractors and maintenance – )

As an assistant property manager you will be driving around Perth for rental property viewings, inspections and contractor meetings.  We have a fleet of cars that you will use, principally automatic Toyota Corollas.  As a property manager, you will be allocated your own company car.

Thinking about a career in property management?  The best parts of the job are the huge variety of tasks – every day is different; and also the mix of in and out of the office work.

Already a property manager?  We enjoy working together and helping each other.  Our business owners are deeply involved on a daily basis with our property management operations. We are early adopters of new technologies, and like to use the best available tools.