1. How to pay rent: There are several different methods of paying rent. The most efficient way would be through Rental Rewards. When you start your lease in your new home, you can chose to be set up with Rental Rewards, which will take rent out of your bank account monthly, without any hassles such as having to come into the office to pay your rent. Another way of paying rent is over the phone with a credit card. Simply call up the office and give us your credit card details, your name, and the address of the property you are at, and money will be transferred from your credit card as rent. You can also come into the office with a money order or cheque to pay your rent.  We also accept Centrepay payments from tenants.  Notice that HouseSmart Real Estate has a ZERO TOLERANCE on rent arrears. If the rent is not paid we will issue a Notice of Termination; if not rectified we will proceed to court.

2. All maintenance must be reported in writing within 48 hours, if it is not, you will incur the invoice for the maintenance.

3. Please advise the office of any email or telephone/mobile number updates. Request an “UPDATE FORM” from reception.

4. Tenants must arrange their own contents insurance. Owners are not responsible for the tenant’s belongings.

5. If you have locked yourself outside the house and it is between business hours, we will give you a 24 HOUR BORROWING PERIOD. If the keys are not returned back you will bear the cost of replacing all the locks at the property with new ones.

6. Washers, smoke alarm batteries, globes, fuses, and other minor wear & tear items are the tenant’s responsibility. Under no circumstances will the owner bear the cost of repairing these items. We can however organise the maintenance to be completed and the maintenance company will directly bill you.

7. Pest control is the responsibility of the tenant and the owner is not obliged to pay.

8. Routine Inspections: As part of the agreement that was signed on the lease, we are making sure that the premise is in good working order and CLEAN. Photos will be taken to show the owner that you are caring for their property. We will send you a guide & a letter 7-14 days before the due date to inspection the property. Routine inspections are redone every 3 months to make sure that the property is maintained properly and is looking clean and respectable. Dogs are to be restrained or kept off the premises on this day. After we have completed the routine inspection, we will send out a checklist with your inspection notice, explaining what you need to clean.

9. Tenants with Air Conditioners: tenant with air conditioners should be aware that the filters are to be cleaned regularly. Failure to do so will make the air conditioner inoperable or failure to clean could possible burn the appliance out. Before calling for assistance, please check the filters first!

10. Tenants with Floorboards: Tenants with floorboards are to maintain the boards to a high standard. Scratching and damage to the floor boards will result in loss of bond and/or will be asked to repair them during the tenancy. The tenants are to make sure that there is no extreme wear & tear to them.

11. Find Your Watering Days: All homes in Perth have been allocated two specific days each week when watering with sprinklers or reticulation system is allowed. This is based on the last digit of your house or lot number. Gardens can be watered by reticulation on the nominated days during either day but not at both morning and evening on the nominated day. The morning period is before 9am. The evening period is after 6pm. The table below shows the watering days that your home would be allocated to.

Sunday 2,5,9
Monday 0,3,6
Tuesday 4,7
Wednesday 1,5,8
Thursday 2,6,9
Friday 0,3,7
Saturday 1,4,8

Find the watering days that your home is allocated to by looking in the right column on this table. The numbers displayed represent the last digit in your house number. Find your number and look to the left hand column to see your watering day. For example, if my house number was 49, then the digit I would be looking for is number 9. From this, I can learn that my watering days are on Sunday and Thursday.