Beechboro is a large suburb that has developed in a number of stages:

East Beechboro – the trapezoid-shaped area east of Altone Road through to Lord Street, bounded by Reid Highway to the north and Benara Road to the south. Housing dates from 1979 to the late 1980’s. Block sizes are typically 600-800sqm. Construction is usually brick and tile three bedroom one bathroom detached homes; along with a smattering of duplexes.

West Beechboro – the square-shaped area west of Altone Road through to Beechboro Road North, again bounded by Reid Highway to the north and Benara Road to the south. Actually the bottom left-hand corner of this square is cut out and called “Morley” which is out of character if you look at the map or drive the street; for example the north of Darwin Crescent is Beechboro but the southern section is Morley. Beechboro residents know that these Morley residents really wish they were in Beechboro and might even petition for a suburb name change. Housing in West Beechboro dates from mid to late 1980’s. Block sizes are typically 600-800sqm. Construction is predominantly brick and tile; and the houses while still a majority of 3 x 1’s, have increased in size and include a small number of 4 x 1’s and some 4 x 2’s.

Timberlane Estate is a chunk of houses to the western extreme of Beechboro, defined by the boundaries of Reid Highway, Beechboro Road North and a dotted line on the southern edge running along the backyards of Blackboy Way. There is a tiny pocket of Morley just below Timberlane – see the previous comments on West Beechboro!

Orchid Park – a pocket of houses in the north-western corner of Beechboro all by themselves. There is only one access road being the roundabout turnoff into Orchid Avenue off Beechboro Road North. Orchid Park housing was constructed from around 1989 to 1995, and consists of brick and tile 3 x 1’s and 4 x 2’s. Historically this subdivision was not popular due to its remote location and lack of nearby amenities; however the recent construction of a shopping centre opposite the entrance roundabout has changed this. The street names of Orchid Park are named after various types and parts of orchid flowers, such as Niltonia, Denia and Stylis. The Marshall Road powerlines are prominently visible along the boundary or Orchid Park, backing onto parts of Mitra Loop and Orchid Avenue.

Bennett Springs – popular and the most expensive subdivision of Beechboro, Bennett Springs is a long rectangular chunk of land sandwiched between Reid Highway and Marshall Road, bounded by Bennett Brook on the east and Beechboro Road North on the west. Released from the late 1990’s and still being developed today, Bennett Springs consists almost entirely of brick and tile 4 x 2’s. Exceptions include occasional two storey homes, a few 5 x 2’s and a smattering or original swellings built before the subdivision occurred. Like Orchid Park, the powerlines of Marshall Road are obvious from the northern part of Bennett Springs; in fact selected blocks along Wintergreene, Turnstone, Portland, Driftwood and Oriole Roads actually go underneath the lines. The long-awaited Springs Shopping Centre has greatly increased the amenity of the subdivision. Beechboro Christian School is also resident in the suburb. Birds are the theme for Bennett Springs street names, with such beauties as Fairywren, Whimbrel and Spoonbill.