Urgent planning alert for owners in the city of Swan

The notice period is short, as the City of Swan issued letters to property owners dated 6 January 2017 which were received in the mail today, regarding an agenda forum TODAY and a council meeting next Wednesday 18 January. The proposal to be considered is Amendment No. 133 to the Local Planning Scheme 17, regarding Aircraft Noise. There are a number of good reasons to consider this issue. However owners should be aware that if the amendment is passed, they will face increased costs, paperwork and planning delays if they wish to build a new house on their land or add or amend an existing structure. The number of properties affected is 1798 across many suburbs including Caversham, Dayton and Guildford. In the City of Swan’s report they note “For the City this will increase the volume of planning applications and enquiries received. For the public it is recognised that this will have additional costs for owners now included in the Special Control Area and looking at development like new dwellings or additions to
their existing dwelling as of the date that the proposed scheme amendment is approved and is published in the Government Gazette. The additional costs for newly added owners will be in the form of normal planning application fees and legal costs of adding a
notification on title.” In other words, owners will now have a notification on their title about aircraft noise. I recommend all affected owners attend the forum today and consider attending the meeting. https://www.swan.wa.gov.au/…/…/Latest-Agenda-January-18-2017

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Urgent planning alert for owners in the city of Swan